Review: Sleek ShowStoppers Palette

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hey guys! So Recently I picked up the sleek ShowStoppers Palette from Cloud10 Beauty. The Palette is limited addition so if you are interested in it, I would defiantly act quick! 
 The Packaging the Palette first comes in is a little box with the crushed eyeshadows on it. Quite The Gruesome scene. When You take the actual palette out of the packaging its in quite ' sleek' ( See what I did there;) ) Nice looking packaging and is presented really well. 
Outer Packaging

Theres a really good range of colours and neutrals and also shimmer and matte shades. My personal Favourite shimmer shade being Sunset which is a nice shimmery slightly burgandy colour and Bohemian is my favorite matt shade which is a nice coral colour which will be beautiful in the spring time. From the research I have done before doing buying this product I have discovered that this is the first sleek palette in which the shades have been given individual names.

The Overall Pigmentation of the palette is good although I found it very hard to get any colour payoff from Paraguaya. Also when i applied graphite to the lid it went from being a sparkly brown colour to a dark grey shade. A bit Odd if you ask me. But overall I really Liked this palette the shades are long lasting and Pigmented( for the most part). The only real problem i've come across is a little bit of fall out and also the colours do crease. Even After all the Cons of this product I Would still really recommend this palette.

Sparkle on the lid and Graphite in the crease. 

  • Good Range Of neutrals and colours
  • Good range of shimmers and mattes
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Packaging 

  • Creases easily 
  • Some Shades don't apply as they appear in the pan
  • Some shades aren't that pigmented 


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