Review: Essence EyeShadow Quattro

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hey Guys, so today I thought I would review my favorite eye shadow 'pallet'. Its The Essence eye shadow Quattro in 05 'To Die For'

Just a little overview of the Pallet 

The four colours in this pallet Consist of A light shimmey brow bone Highlight shade,A champagne all over lid colour, a shimmery light-ish brown, and an almost matt but still a tiny bit shimmery darker brown colour. 

Natural Collection Eye Shadow In 'Barley'

As for how I use these colours, I usually use them to do a light Gold toned smokey that works for either Day or night. I use the Champagne colour as an All over Lid colour. Once i have done this i layer the Natural collection eye shadow in 'Barley' (As Pictured Above). I use this shade to add a bit more sparkle to the overall look. Once I have done this I the take the lighter brown shade on a Fluffy blending brush and take it lightly threw the crease and then blend it outwards towards the outer the corner of the eye. Then I take the Darker brown shade on the same brush (I feel this helps it blend better) and just blend it lightly to the outer corner. I then Finish with a light line of the double ended eyeliner marker from Essence and a coat of 'City Curl' Mascara by NYC. 

Overall I quite like this Pallet. The Pigmentation is quite Good in most colours, the only one that I feel the Pigmentation could be improved on is in the lighter brown shade as it can become a bit harder to work with at times. Other than that I have no Real complaints about this pallet. I would Give it 9/10 for the simple reason that i felt that it wasn't 100% foolproof but for its very low price point I would defiantly look into getting one.   


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