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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

About a week ago I went into Lush and bought some of their stuff for the first time. I didn't go too mental even though I did want to. I bought the dragon egg bath bomb mainly because it smelled like refreshers. This is actually the only one I've used so far, and I did really really like it. It had little confetti bits in it and when they dissolved were really moisturising. The only down side with this was it did my bath water yellow. An unfortunate colour for a bath if you ask me! 
The next thing I picked up was the Amandopondo (try saying that three times fast) bauble bar. I haven't used this yet, but this has the most gorgeous rose scent to it which I just absolutely love! 
Finally I bought the Avobath bath bomb. Again, I haven't used this yet but it smells AMAZING! This one is actually aimed towards people who suffer from dry skin, so its right up my street. One of my friends actually told me this is great if you have sore muscles, so if you're the sporty time you might really like this. 
When I was paying at the till the girl asked me if I wasted to add in this tiny little tub of moisturiser for €1 and the money would go to charity. I decided why not, it was only a euro after all and I have to say it was a great decision. I really really love this! I'm definitely going to pick up the full size the next time I get up there. Its probably the most moisturising thing i've ever used. A tiny bit goes such a long way too. 

What should I pick up next time?


  1. These sound so nice, I always get overwhelmed in Lush so I'm definitely going to try and remember these to have a look at in my next visit.


  2. I'm well overdue a Lush haul:)

  3. I don't have a bath so I'm so jealous of peoples lush hauls! I want cute bath bombs too!

  4. I hear their shower stuff is great too:) xx


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