A MAC haul.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

 Last week I went to the ploughing championships, if you're not from Ireland and don't know what that is, its a massive competition and theres lots of stalls and booths where you can buy food, clothes etc. I'm pretty sure no matter where I go I can sniff out makeup and this was no exception. I managed to find a little stall selling REALLY discounted mac stuff. I'm not sure how legal or not this stuff is but it was majorly cheap so I just couldn't miss the opportunity. 
 The first thing I picked up was a lipstick in the shade 'Bright Pink' from the Lady Gaga collection. Its just a really pretty blue-toned pink. I'm not really a pink lipstick person but I quite liked the shade so and ,again, it was very cheap so why not?
The second item I picked up was a blush in the shade 'Dolly Mix'. In the pan it looks quite intimidating and very very bright. It can definitely go this way on the skin if you're very heavy handed with it but if you apply a very light amount it gives a really nice natural pink effect. 


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