High end makeup wish list #2

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Recently i've noticed my self lusting after quite a few high end items. Recently I've been  really wanting to try something from Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging is absolutely fab! Plus i've heard some really great things about the range too!  
The next thing on my list is the Marc Jacob's Daisy dream perfume. Like wise I've heard a lot about this, having smelt the rest of the perfumes in this range and really liked them, from the description of this, I think I will really like this. and the packaging is enough to win me over anyway.
I was in MAC yesterday and spotted the full face kits. They're really good value for money, on the box itself it said the total value was €90 and it was being sold for €60. Plus I think they'd be great for travelling.  The final thing on my list is some Zoeva brushes. I've heard some really great things about these and they seem relatively inexpensive for the quality too. 

Whats on your high end makeup wish list?

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