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My Top 3 Mascara's!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Hey guys! Today i'm going to tell you guys about my top 3 mascaras:) 

The First Mascara that I really Like is the the Catrice Lash plus Macara which I sadly cannot find anymore so Catrice may have discontinued it. But all round I really like this Mascara, it my eye lashes look really long, yet not unrealistically long like some mascara's can. Despite the name I did not notice any significant Difference in my natural lash length.   
Catrice Lash plus Mascara

Lash Plus Wand

The Second Mascara I really like is NYC's City Curl Mascara. You can find this at pennys and at chemists or boots for 2.99. This is my everyday favorite mascara, I find i don't even have to curl them anymore with two coats of this, it rarely clumps and all the lashes stay nicely separated for a nice even look.  

NYC City Curls Mascara

City Curls Wand

The Third and final mascara I like is the NYC High Definition Mascara. Once again this is available from at pennys and at chemists or boots for 2.99. This is Defiantly not my favorite of the three. It makes your lashes really long but you will have to curl them before hand. I also find That after three coats it tends to clump, Yet is alot better than most mascara's i have tried.  

NYC High Definition Mascara

High Definition Wand

My favorite of these three mascara's in defiantly The city curl by NYC. For its price point and the quality you get its a complete steal. Snap it Up while You Can:)

Review: Essence EyeShadow Quattro

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Hey Guys, so today I thought I would review my favorite eye shadow 'pallet'. Its The Essence eye shadow Quattro in 05 'To Die For'

Just a little overview of the Pallet 

The four colours in this pallet Consist of A light shimmey brow bone Highlight shade,A champagne all over lid colour, a shimmery light-ish brown, and an almost matt but still a tiny bit shimmery darker brown colour. 

Natural Collection Eye Shadow In 'Barley'

As for how I use these colours, I usually use them to do a light Gold toned smokey that works for either Day or night. I use the Champagne colour as an All over Lid colour. Once i have done this i layer the Natural collection eye shadow in 'Barley' (As Pictured Above). I use this shade to add a bit more sparkle to the overall look. Once I have done this I the take the lighter brown shade on a Fluffy blending brush and take it lightly threw the crease and then blend it outwards towards the outer the corner of the eye. Then I take the Darker brown shade on the same brush (I feel this helps it blend better) and just blend it lightly to the outer corner. I then Finish with a light line of the double ended eyeliner marker from Essence and a coat of 'City Curl' Mascara by NYC. 

Overall I quite like this Pallet. The Pigmentation is quite Good in most colours, the only one that I feel the Pigmentation could be improved on is in the lighter brown shade as it can become a bit harder to work with at times. Other than that I have no Real complaints about this pallet. I would Give it 9/10 for the simple reason that i felt that it wasn't 100% foolproof but for its very low price point I would defiantly look into getting one.   
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