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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My debs is coming up in the next year (October) and I've started to look at dresses. I'm going to be super busy this summer so it's probably best I get my dress before then. I'm going to the irish beauty show this sunday so it'll be a great excuse to get into Dublin to look at dresses. I've been eying up some to try on in folkster, so  i'm very excited about that. I thought I'd share the type of dress i'm after as it's something I'd like to read about on other peoples blogs. I'm really not into the traditionally 'debsy' dresses. I'd love something with a nice shape to it and is more figure hugging. My hairdresser suggested an emerald green as a colour, at first I was very against the idea but I have to stay i've really warmed to the idea. Expect a post to follow on my dress shopping adventures. Also I fully intend to wear converse under my dress, am I mad? some people think i'm mental for doing it! Opinions?

What was/will your debs dress be like?


  1. loads of my friends were converses to our debs, you should definitely go for it :D i was envious of them by the end of the night, that's for sure. Monsoon is great for timeless debs dresses.x

  2. Yeah, my date and I were thinking of wearing matching converse haha:') Oooh i'll have a look there actually!

  3. That black dress is absolutely stunning, I would definitely go for something like that!


  4. i love the black one as well!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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