Bargain Hunter

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Excuse how unfocused this is, I didn't realise until afterwards
Last weekend I took a trip to Blanchardstown Shopping centre, I found so many sales and offers it would have been a shame not to of taken advantage. One of my favourite places in the whole centre is Bradleys Pharmacy. They have a great selection of makeup including NYX, which I find very hard to get a hold of. They had an amazing sale when I went and I got a third off the real techniques Core Collection set, which I am insanely delighted with. They were supposed to be €28.99 but I got them for €19.42. As always, I wondered into boots and took a look at the makeup. I went and looked at the Aveeno range. Aveeno is something I adore because its once of the few brands I can use that won't send my skin into meltdown mode. I got this skin relief moisturiser for around €3.50, which is a steal! Finally I went to Pennys (primiark). I found these shoes which I will have to break it but are totally fab. For €7 you can't really complain can you? 


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