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Saturday, 23 January 2016

I have been wanting to try a brow pomade for a while. I'd heard so many positive things about the Anastasia dip bro pomade and while its not mega mega expensive, its still about €17. I was looking at at NYX stand recently and saw this. It is small in size but it was only €7.25. I decided to get it as I wanted to try it and see if I would be able to use it and if I liked the consistency etc.

The colour range is good, but not great. There are four shades and on further research the one I have doesn't actually seem to exist. The shade I did get was in 04 expresso. Its a really good match for me, and I usually find it really hard to find a shade to match me as my brows are dark but I'm blonde and I like to have a nice balance. 

When using the product, its best to use a small angled brush. I love using my NimaBrush Danielle brush with it as it allows me to get the exact shape I want. With this, product a little goes a long way. I find that all you need to do is just tap your brush on the surface and you pick up a decent amount. From that, even thought the pot is tiny it will last ages. Its really good for giving shape and I find my brows just look really nice and defined. It lasts all day and doesn't budge at all.  

For now i'm really happy with this and I don't think I'll bother investing in the Anastasia version any time soon. I would like to do a comparison eventually though. This has taken the place of my old brow routine, as I love the effect it gives. I would definitely recommend giving this one a go if you're looking to try a brow pomade. 

What's your current brow routine?


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