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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque*

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Since I've been stressed in the last couple of months my skin has really been acting up. I generally have really dry skin, that doesn't really get too bad. I received this masque not too long ago and I've really been liking it. 

I really love the simplistic Dermalogica packaging. The masque has a really strong minty scent to it, which I quite like. I usually use it in the shower, as I find thats the easiest method because it can be a little hard to wash it all off. As with all charcoal masques its really black in colour and very thick. I usually just apply it with my hands and let it sit for 6/7 minutes. Once I was it off my skin feels really clean and has a noticeable glow. I find that this glow doesn't last very long though so I like to use it if I'm going somewhere where I want my skin to look nice for a few hours. 

This masque retails at €48.00. Personally I think thats ridiculously expensive for the product. While I do like it for making my skin look good in the short-term, I don't find it does enough for it in the long-term to justify the price. I won't be repurchasing this myself, but I do really like it for immediate results. 

*This item was sent to me but this post contains no bullshit!

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