Another Lush Haul

Monday, 20 July 2015

I recently took a trip to Lush and I find it really hard to go in and not buy anything. I'v been wanting to try the ickle babybot for a while now and I can't wait to try it, it smells great like all of Lushes stuff.I also got the Butterball bath ballistic. It smells amazing! I've been looking up photos of this online and it has small pieces of cocoa butter in it. Its been recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin so I thought it would be a great thing to try. I'm really excited to try these because I haven't had anything from Lush in ages. I've been wanting the Lush Vanillary perfume for ages, and I smelled it again while I was in, and its just made me want even more. The only thing thats stopping me buying it, is that its kind of expensive. 

Do you like any of lushes perfumes?

Hair | Pinspiration

Saturday, 18 July 2015

For me, Pinterest is always some where I go when i'm looking for inspiration. Be it for room decor, makeup, hair etc. Lately I've been using it to find some inspiration for what I want my hair to look like for my debs in October. I've been looking and I've decided I want my hair up as my dress has an open back on it. I'm personally not a fan of incredibly sleek,slicked back perfect updo's. I feel like it suits me a lot better if I have it messy and softer around my face. I have a lot of hair (the joys of having thick hair) and I feel like having it down will only annoy and irritate me. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Battle Of The Beauty Blenders*

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

I've been wanting to try a beauty blender for ages. Since I didn't want to commit and buy the really expensive one I decided to try out a few budget ones first. I was in pennys recently and saw they had a beauty blender on sale for something like 1.50. I bought it and tried it out, and I found that it applied my foundation to a really natural finish, that wasn't very high coverage. The next three were I trio* I received from (Pssst! Theres a discount code RELG10 if you want to try them out too!). I also found that these three blenders left me with a very natural looking finish to my foundation compared to my usual real techniques buffing brush. I think these are great for days when you want something more natural and light. However I do find it a bit more messy and fiddly than just using a brush. 

I will probably stick to my buffing brush for the future. I will continue to use them and try to get the hang of them. They're main selling point for me was how well and seamlessly they blend out anything. Let it be foundation, highlight, contour etc. 

How do you Feel about beauty blenders?

*These products were sent to be for my consideration however all views are my own
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