Skin Care Haul*

Monday, 29 June 2015

Recently I've wanted to get my skincare back on track as its been basically non existent the last couple months. Since my skin is the most sensitive thing ever, I have to be really really careful with it, or it'll just break out like nothing else. Nourish* kindly sent me two sample of their products to try. They sent me two samples of their exfoliating cleanser to try out. I haven't tried it yet, but I plan on it soon. The next item that I bought was A Sephora brightening & perfecting mask. I picked this up when I was in Sephora whilst I was in Barcelona. I went in with the hopes that they might have some Kat Von D products that I was after, which they didn't, but they were released in Spain literally two days after I left. Gutted isn't even the word. I actually have used this mask and since its a sheet mask, I ended up looking like something from a horror movie with it on. It did feel really refreshing but unfortunately it did break my skin out. No surprises there. 

Review| MeMeMe Arch Angel*

Saturday, 13 June 2015

I was recently sent MeMeMe's arch angel* to review, and when I first heard of the concept of this product I was intrigued. I was sent the shade dark brown which is a lot more brown that i'm used to, as my brows tend to be a bit more ashy since I'm blonde. This product has two sides, one to sculpt and set the brows and the other to highlight and define. Despite being a different colour than i'm used to I actually really liked it. The wand for sculpting is very small. The product is of a gel consistency and I found it to very wet compared to any other brow gel that i've tried. I also found it extremely messy. I found it got all over my brow bone, which I guess makes the need for the other end of this product. On to the highlighter. I found this was very light. I'm extremely pale and it was still very very noticeable on me, which is never a problem i've experienced with a higher before. I also don't like how much shimmer is in this product. I found that if you don't scrape all of the excess product off of the applicator it applies way too much and gets impossible to work with. I love the concept of this product and I think with a couple tweaks to the formulae on both parts of this product, it could be amazing! I did like it however, it won't make me stray from my usual brow routine. 

Have you tried this yet?
*I was sent this product for consideration however all views are my own. 
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