Soap And Glory Supercat Eyeliner | Review

Sunday, 2 November 2014

You can never have to many liquid liners. I was shopping the other day and picked this up in boots for €8. I think that's such a steal for what this eyeliner is. 
 The packaging, as with most soap and glory stuff, is so cute. The only thing about the packaging is that the top of the pen doesn't click onto the bottom when you use it. A really minor thing, but its something that annoys me because it makes me afraid i'm going to lose the lid. 
 As for the actual liner itself, it's really dark and pigmented. It makes it really easy to get a nice thin line or a thick one depending on which you fancy. For  doing a flick on the end its super easy to use too. For me it did take a bit of getting use to because i'm not used to the whole marker scenario. Once I did get the hang of it though, I really really liked it. It lasts ages too which is always lovely. 

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