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What I've been loving lately

Saturday, 22 March 2014

So long time and no talk. I'd like to say i've been busy doing tons of really productive things but honestly i've completely forgotten to blog! One of the main reasons I've been distracted from the blogging world is that I've started loving some new TV shows and such and since I never really do favourites posts, I thought it'd be fun. 

Red Lipstick

I've really been loving dark lipsticks lately and this is one of my faves. Its the natural collection lipstick in crimson. I've talked about my love for this shade before but it just keeps growing and growing. I love that i've gained the confidence to be able to wear bolder lip colours, I never want to go back to neutral shades! 

Naked palette:

I got this little beauty for christmas, and I don't think a day has gone by since when I've done my makeup and not used this palette. Its so versatile and you can create so many different looks with it.  Right now i'm loving mixing buck & naked on the lid with dark horse and smog on the outer corner and crease. 

American Horror Story:
This show is the main reason I've gotten distracted from posting. I used to watch the first season a few years back when it first came on but never really thought much of it. It was put on netflix in the past few weeks and I've rediscovered it. It's so incredibly addictive. I went through the entire second season in the space of 3 days. I don't know if i should feel guilty or proud. Its just such a good show with so many twists and turns. Jessica Lange is one of the best actresses I've ever seen. I'd really recommend it if you love shows like dexter and breaking bad. Don't go near it if you hate gore/ horror. I've started season 3, so if you don't hear from me for a couple days you'll know why. 

Concert FOTD

Sunday, 16 March 2014

On Tuesday I went to see Beyonce in the 02 in dublin and she was A-mazing! She did come on an hour late though, kind of shitty for us people in standing who'd been standing since half three that day. She was so worth the wait! She really puts on a show.  I really liked how my makeup turned out and so I decided to do this post. 

L-R: urban decay chill setting spray, L'oreal lumi magique foundation, Naked 1 Palette,
Essence I heart stage eyeshadow base, Collection lasting perfection canceler shade 1&2 ,
Rimmel stay matte powder, NYC showstopper mascara, Natural collection liquid liner,
Mac Cremesheen  lipstick in sunny seoul & Essence blush in babydoll. 
This is just a combination of all the products i've really been loving lately. What products have you guys been loving lately? I'd love to hear about them:) 

Top Two Of The Week #8

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I've been on work experience this week in Cath Kidson and I love it. Its so fun and the people are so nice! If you guys happen to see me working don't be afraid to come up and say Hi i'd love to talk to some of you!

Sharon's review of L'oreal la touche Magique
I love my L'oreal Lumi Magique foundation, but now sharon's made me want the canceler too. I'm going to be broke from beauty blogging! 

Milk Bubble tea on healthy eating
Since i've been so busy lately I've been eating kind of shitty. This post kind of gave me the inspiration needed to spur me on with my healthy eating and exercise and shizz. 

Updates & Ramblings

Sunday, 9 March 2014

So I totally spaced on a post for this week and I've been meaning to do one of these posts for a while but haven't really gotten round to it.

If you guys read my New years resolution post, you'll know that I've been trying to blog at least twice every week and i'm pretty sure I've successful with that! I've a few more beauty & fashion related post idea's ready type up and i'm pretty proud of that. If anybody has any post idea's that they'd like me to do I'd love to hear them:)

Since I'm in Transition Year (4th Year)  in school you'd expect that i'd have loads of free time to type up posts and such, but i've actually been pretty busy. Don't ask me with what because i've no idea.  As a teenager I'm constantly broke and since I haven't been able to locate a part time job it's probably going to stay that way for a while, which is sad because I can't buy anymore makeup, which is really sad. Ahh first world problems.

I don't really know where I intended to go with this post, but it happened.

Top Two Of The Week #7

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Gh0stparties on packing for paris
Since i'm going to italy in a little while I found this post so interesting! Also i'm slightly nosey so I found this really interesting.

Makeup Monster on Books
If you guys have been around here a little while you'll know how much I love books and reading. One of my fave things to do. I love getting what other people are reading and getting recommendations.

Review: Essence I heart Extreme Crazy Volume mascara

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I was in pennys yesterday and I felt like trying out a new mascara so I picked this up because I thought it looked fun. Not so fun at all. Usually i'm the type of person that researches makeup before I buy it, but this was spur of the moment and it was only €3.50 so you get what you pay for I guess. The Product promises 'Crazy' amounts of volume. I got less volume and more clumps to be honest and it was also pretty good at getting black all over my brow bone which is something i've never really had a problem with before. It did lengthen my lashes but it made them feel really heavy and a weird texture. It doesn't really budge, but the formula doesn't work with my lashes at all. The packaging is good, so theres that? Not a fan of this mascara to be honest. 

Top-Before Bottom-With mascara

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