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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hey Guys! Just thought I would show you guys my nails! Black and white nail varnish by MOYOU nails and also the pretty patterns are from their image Pallets. If you guys want more info check out their Website!

Catrice Nudes Pallet And News!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hey Guys! So the other day I was in Pennys (again) but I was looking at the catrice makeup and I saw they Had a Nudes palette that I had never seen before. So I had to buy it to 'Investigate'.Besides it was only 5.49. So First Off I Love The Packaging. Its Really simplistic and Nice. The Colour range is Okay. Not too great to be quite honest. On the back of the pallete catrice claim there are some matte colours  but i beg to differ. I personally can see shimmer in all the colours. They range from a light champagne colour to a Dark brown. The Pigmentation is once again okay but not great. 

I used these colours in an eye look but i found that they were incredibly hard to blend. Once I put the Third colour from the left into my crease and started blending I found that it just looked really dull. I tried to brighten it up by using the lightest colour to highlight my brow bone and inner corner but it didnt really help. I do actually like the second colour in from the pallette, It reminds me of bootycall from naked 2.


  • Nice packaging
  • Cheap


  • Bad colour range
  • pigmentation isn't great
  • Not Blendable. 
  • No mattes
So to sum up I don't particularly Like this pallet. I defiantly prefer my essence eye shadow quattro as a neutrals pallet. You can get a review Here

So I have recently Joined If you guys don't know what that is,its basically a website where you can follow are your favorite blogs all in the one place. If you guys want to follow me and get updates whenever i upload here you go:) Thanks Guys Xo

Review: Herbal Essences 'Ignite My Colour' Hair mask

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hey Guys! So about a week ago I bought the 'Ignite my colour intensive mask' by herbal essences. It was really cheap at around four euro. The packaging is really nice too.

When I put this Mask in my hair in the shower i did notice that it took a lot of the mask to actually cover all of my hair. I have mid-length hair and it is highlighted. If you missed my new hair post get it  here. I let the mask sit in my hair for 5 mins as it said on the back of the tub. As I washed the mask out my hair was noticeably softer even though it was wet. After I let my hair dry naturally I did notice my hair was softer. Thus confirming what I thought getting out of the shower. I have not noticed a difference in my hair colour as I've on used it once. I will keep you guys updated as the weeks go on.

My hair was noticeably Softer
It Smelled Of the scent from the product.(A sort of fruity scent)
The Price.
The Packaging. 

No shine off my hair.
Haven't noticed a difference in my colour.
The Mask

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